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Release date:2020-01-14Information Sources: TCL DELONGHI HOME APPLIANCES(Zhongshan)Co.,Ltd

At 8 am on April 9, 2015, the launching ceremony of "2015 TCL Delong Quality Month Activity" was held in our playground. The event was hosted by President Tian and all employees participated. At the meeting, President Tian gave speeches from the aspects of on-site management, quality standards, and improvement of all staff. It is emphasized that in the most difficult stage of the task, the company will give corresponding rewards and commendations to individuals or groups with outstanding work achievements, hoping to stimulate production and set a model benchmark in the enterprise, thereby driving the improvement of the overall work efficiency of employees. Mr. Tian affirmed and praised the achievements in the first quarter of 2015, and pointed out that the various departments and departments of the company must aim at "consolidating the quality foundation and creating quality benchmarks" to improve quality awareness and persist for a long time, only to drive employees to pay attention to quality Production can lead the market with products. Finally, all employees of the company solemnly signed the posters on the theme of quality publicity, representing the confidence and determination of each employee to "focus on quality and start with me".

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